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Concrete. It'll blow your mind.

Unique. Granite can be too shiny and formal; it has become common. Synthetic solid surface materials look and feel like plastic.

High-quality. Concrete countertops are hand-crafted and can appear natural. Colors and visual textures not possible with other countertop materials are possible with concrete.

Durable. Concrete countertops can withstand years of use. Resealing or waxing is unnecessary.

Beautiful. Concrete countertops correspond with the popularity of natural materials like wood, stone and brick. They exhibit subtle variations in color, veining and texture; this unpredictability contributes to the beauty of each piece. Each job is hand cast so none will be exactly identical. Regular use impacts a warm patina to the surface over time.

DelCol Strong. Concrete with a twist.

At DelCol Concrete we fabricate our countertops using glass fiber reinforced concrete. These fibers are hand packed into each piece and provide several benefits:

  • Eliminates shrinking and cracking.

  • Greatly improves the tensile and shear strength of the countertops.

  • Lighter pieces. Our countertops weigh slightly less than granite countertops. No additional cabinet support is needed.

  • Allows us to create longer, more intricate pieces. This eliminates the need for a seam in most applications.

Countertop Care. Little to no maintenance.

  • Easily cleans with soap and water or a non-citric surface cleaner, like Windex or Simple Green.

  • Cutting directly on concrete countertops is not recommended. For this reason we suggest using a cutting board.

  • Resealing or waxing are not necessary.